Dr. Thomas Manton IV is one of God’s most dynamic ‘Prophetic-Voices to the 21stCentury Church today. Multitudes across all six continents have been impacted by God’s word, presence and Power through his Revivals, Conferences and Radio and Television appearances. His personal Prophetic Ministry to more than 40,000 individuals personally; plus His Prophetic writings to more than 70 nations; and his Prophetic predictions of NYC’S 9/11; London7/7; Kenya’s governmental and economic-developmental breakthroughs; the Iraq war fiasco; Great Britain’s political scandals & Western Bank conflicts-amongst numerous others-haves alerted multitudes across the nations to what God is saying concerning unfolding world’s events today. Through his Ministry, thousands have witnessed the Holy Spirit performing creative miracles of healings, deliverances and financial breakthroughs! He travels the globe releasing God’s prophetic Fire; and developing leaders and people from all walks of life into spiritual excellence through Dominion International.

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